The four best changes by Kawhi Leonard that we would like to see

Destination: Los Angeles Lakers The Lakers receive: Kawhi Leonard The Spurs receive: Brandon Ingram Kevin Pelton: From the perspective of the Lakers, he would not be willing to offer anything more than Ingram, given the possibility that he could sign Leonard as a free agent next summer. However, there is inherent value in getting Leonard a year earlier, when it still represents the investment of just $ 20.1 million that impact on the salary cap of the Lakers.

As a result, by stretching the Luol Deng contract, the Lakers would have enough flexibility to acquire Leonard, sign a free agent at maximum terms (say, for example, LeBron James), retain the rights to equal offers on the free agent restricted Julius Randle and still have an amount similar to the mid-level exception to non-taxpayers of the luxury tax available to sign another free agent. Perhaps that would be enough to bring Kentavious Caldwell-Pope back for another year before agreeing with him a long-term contract during the summer of 2019. With all the above in mind, I think the Lakers could let Ingram go, despite the promise he has shown at 20 years.Take a look at our bet explorer football tips of the day.

While other teams could offer more players and selection positions in the draft, this possible exchange would be viable depending on the confidence that management has in the fact if Ingram is much better prospect than the rest of those that would be available in exchange for Leonard. The Lakers' space within the salary cap also allows the Spurs to avoid taking harmful contracts if this change is completed before the moratorium, which means that they would release approximately $ 15 million within their payroll for 2018-19. The difference could be used as a massive exception to face changes and assume salaries from equipment pechados with luxury tax.

Alternatively, if Rudy Gay and Danny Green decide to decline their options, San Antonio could create about $ 30 million within the salary cap this summer. Or the Spurs could wait and maintain their flexibility to use it in the 2019 free agent series, which is expected to be deeper, seeking to add a player inside a young armed core based on Ingram and Dejounte Murray, 21 years old. In addition, if there is an organization capable of maximizing the development of Ingram, it is the team that transformed Leonard from a selected player in the 15th position of the draft to being an All-NBA first team.

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